017 - De drie gratiën in het Narlikuyu Museum Mersin Turkije
Een mooie mozaïekversie van De Drie Gratiën, die zich in het Narlikuyu Museum te Mersim bevind. De enige informatie die er over te vinden is luidt: ‘Between Silifke and Mersin there is the little fishing village Narlikuyu. It is on the 20th km of Silifke – Mersin highway. Narlikuyu is famous with a bath remaining near the seashore. This bath was built by Poimenius in the 4th century during the Roman period. You can see beautiful mosaics on the floor of bath. The tiny museum displays that beautiful Roman mosaic. In this mosaic there are three naked girls dancing with partridges and doves. Those three girls are semi-god semi-human daughters of Zeus. The mosaic represents the “Three Graces” with the goddesses Aglaia(Grace), Euphrosyne(Merriment), and Thalia(Charm). According to the inscription it was presented by governor of the Prince’ Islands, Poimenios, who controlled the flow of water from spring and built a bath here.’

Dit item was geplaatst door Muis.

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