Op 14 februari 2006 werd voor de foto „The Pond-Moonlight“ (1904) van Edward Steinchen bij Sotheby’s in New York de op dat moment hoogste prijs ooit voor een foto betaald: 2,928 miljoen dollar. Een bedrag dat bij het zien van de foto wat bevreemding wekt. Wat is er in hemelsnaam zo bijzonder aan? Wikipedia meldt hierover: ‘Steichen took the pictorialist photograph in Mamaroneck, New York near the home of his friend, art critic Charles Caffin. The photo features a wooded area and pond, with moonlight appearing between the trees and reflecting on the pond. While the print appears to be a color photograph, the first true color photographic process, the autochrome process, was not available until 1907. Steichen created the impression of color by manually applying layers of light-sensitive gums to the paper. Only three known versions of the Pond—Moonlight are still in existence and, as a result of the hand-layering of the gums, each is unique. In addition to the auctioned print, the other two versions are held in museum collections. The extraordinary sale price of the print is, in part, attributable to its one-of-a-kind character and to its rarity.’

Dit item was geplaatst door Muis.

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