Herrmann von Point, Oil Painting with Odalisque, Late 20th C. Oil on board Germany, late 20th century. Painter of the 20th/21st century Signed lower right, ‘Herrmann v. Point’. Gilt wooden frame. Overall dimensions, framed: 70.5 x 84 cm; the board measures 52.5 x 66 cm. Very good condition The present oil painting by Herrmann von Point depicts an odalisque in a room with oriental decor. Lasciviously, the woman lies on a chaise lounge, covered with rich fabrics and cushions. Her perfect upper body is divested, while her lower body is covered with cloths. Her eyes are closed with devotion, her arms stretched from the body. The representation of the odalisque was a common subject in the painting of the 19th century Orientalism. The odalisques were harem servants or maids working for high-ranking people in the Ottoman Empire. In painting, the women served mostly as a projection for male fantasies. The odalisque depictions are also influenced by the traditional Venus representations, symbols of the unattainable femininity. The painting is signed lower right, ‘Herrmann v. Point’. It is in very good condition, showing only minor wear affecting the frame.’
Het gebeurt niet vaak dat over de schilder niets meer dan deze summiere informatie te vinden is. Wel tref ik een aantal andere schilderijen van hem aan, maar daar blijft het bij.

Dit item was geplaatst door Muis.

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